Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yarn Wreath Tutorial

It is no secret I am obsessed with Pinterest and this is the first of many crafts I've made that was inspired by wandering around Pinterest. I must say, I LOVE them!! So many different color combos and different things you can do with them and they are really SOOOO easy. This may have been my first yarn wreath, but I can guarantee it will not be my last!!

1. Wreath form. I used a 16" floral circle. You can use regular styrofoam. I've also seen people use plumbers foam and make their own circle.
2. Yarn in color of your choice. Yarn ranges in texture and price. Don't go crazy expensive; you don't need to. Just pick up regular run-of-the-mill yarn. But keep in mind you will need quite a bit, so don't get one of the small skeins. A medium size will do.
3. Accessories. For my wreath, I picked up a cute faux flower stem from from the floral dept. and a plain pre-cut letter "W". Just pick the flowers off the stem. You don't need the whole thing.
4. Paint in color of your choice, if you picked an accessory that needs painting.
5. Hot Glue Gun

Instructions: (The pictures were facing the right way on my computer, I promise. Not sure why they are sideways now... Blogger has changed. I'll figure it out...)

 1. Start winding your yarn around your wreath form. Button down and get comfy, this part takes awhile. I found that the bonus to using florist styrofoam is that the yarn just sticks to it on its own. No need to glue as you go.
 2. Finish your yarn where you started. You'll see I have both ends hanging out. This is where you will glue down one of your accessories. That's what will keep it in place.
 3. Paint your letter. Once the red dried, I painted white polka dots. Sorry I forgot to take a picture, but I think you can figure it out. 
 4. Dry fit your flowers. Make sure they lay out how you want them and make sure they start and finish where you want on the curves of the circle.
 5. See here where I spread the yarn and can see the styrofoam underneath? You can stick the ends of the flower stems in here and they stay pretty well.
6. Squeeze a dot of hot glue and stick your flower in place, making sure the small stem sticks into the styrofoam.
7. Just for fun and a splash of green, I added a couple leaves from the leftover flower stem. Just hot glue those down. Careful not to burn your finger!
 8. The "W" is glued on over the two ends of my yarn, holding everything together. (I threw on the little "Hello" last minute :0)  )
 So cute, right!?!?  And super easy!! Got it all done in an afternoon!

Happy Crafting!

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