Sunday, December 30, 2012

We finally announced! And I'm super sick...

Well, we finally told our families on Thanksgiving. That was the hardest part, I think, keeping it a secret from my mom and dad. Then we put a picture of the ultra sound on our Christmas card as our big announcement and told all our friends on Facebook (because we all know nothing is official until it is posted on Facebook, right?)

We did all this announcing at the beginning of December. We've since had another ultrasound and the doctor has changed our due date to June 24 because I was measuring bigger. So that means it is highly likely that I will be spending my birthday (June 26) in labor. I'm not big on sharing my birthday (except for with Alison because she was born before me and she's pretty awesome), but I think if I have to share it with my baby, it will be worth it. What a great birthday present! (That doesn't mean you don't have to get me something, dear hubby!)

Just before Christmas, JJ started coughing a lot. Turns out he has bronchitis. Then right after Christmas, I got a cold. A really bad one. I was completely out of commission on Thursday and yesterday and even now I'm writing this in my jammies laying on the couch, where I've been since yesterday. On the plus side I'm writing from super cool purple laptop I got for Christmas!!

Being sick when you are pregnant is the worst because you can't really do anything about it. There are very few medications you can take and I'm not a big eater when I'm sick so I feel like I'm not eating enough for my baby. I'm trying and I'm taking my prenatals, but it is something I do worry about. I slept on the couch all night because 1) I didn't want to get my husband sick and 2) if I had a rough night, I didn't want to keep him up tossing and turning. I will say I feel much better this morning though. I'm still pretty congested and my throat is sore, but I don't feel like I'm dying anymore which is a really good thing.  I'm being very cautious with this pregnancy and trying to follow all the rules as strictly as possible. Last night I did give in and take a Benedryl because it is on my doctor's list of approved medications for congestion. I may or may not take another one tonight, we'll see, but I'm probably going to get some nasal spray because that is also on the list and I've had success with that before (not pregnant).

My next doctor's appointment isn't until December 7 but hopefully it will come soon and I can get some peace of mind that my baby is still OK. I can't help but be paranoid.

Embracing the Nausea

I wish I had remembered to keep track of everything when I was preggo with JJ. Its hitting me, all the things I don't really remember. Like the nausea. I remember having it. I just don't remember exactly when or the pattern or how bad it ever got. I don't think it ever was terrible. I didn't throw up too much, just some mornings.  I remember being happy when it was over.
Everything I've read says most women don't start really feeling pregnancy symptoms until around the 6th week and that sounds about right, but I gotta say I've already been feeling the nausea. It isn't terrible, but I've definitely stocked up on my supplies from my first pregnancy: Ginger Ale (.88 each when you buy 4 at Ralphs, so I scored on that one), Lemon drops (I've suggested this to other pregnant friends and it never seems to work for them, but it did for me, so there you have it), peppermint candies (my previous OB/GYN suggested this me. It helps with the excess saliva as well as works as a calming force on the stomach acid) and Tums (these were my lifesavers before. A little bit during the beginning of the pregnancy but a lot in the final months).
This time it is different, though. When I was pregnant for those few short weeks in July, I didn't feel sick at all. Not once. This time, the nausea is reminder that I am carrying a life inside me. It reminds me that I was blessed with this child. I am fully embracing the nausea this time around. It is a sign that I am pregnant and I count it a blessing.
This time is also different in that I am showing already. That was another sign before I took the test. It is true that you show earlier in your second pregnancy (since your uterus and stomach muscles are already stretched out, once the pregnancy hormones kick in, your uterus/stomach automatically start to take on their round shape. It is like blowing up a balloon that's already been blown up before) and I am no exception. I can still wear regular shirts, but I've already taken to wearing maternity pants for comfort. If this keeps up, it is going to make it pretty hard to keep this pregnancy under wraps until December. Maybe I should invest in some large briefcases to carry around with me. Or would it be too weird to carry a laundry basket to work? 

Best Anniversary Present ever

I don't like to brag, but I like to think I gave my husband the best anniversary present ever (actually, it was for both of us).
As you know, we've been trying for a few months now to get pregnant. We had one unsuccessful pregnancy in July and since then its just been a waiting game.
I've been tracking my days religiously, calculating time days. I had a system down pat. We had a schedule and we were going to keep it no matter what. I've never been so in-tuned with my body.
I was also still pretty cautious. I'm not a fan of disappointment (who is?) and that single line on a preggo test is about as disappointing as they come. I'm also not a fan of waiting, but I was resolved to not take a single test until after I was supposed to get my period. No matter how much I wanted to know, it wasn't going to happen. I was going to wait so there was no question.
For a few days starting, I don't know, October 16 or 17, I was feeling very blah. I was tired a lot. Falling asleep when I got home from work and then falling asleep for the night around 8:30. I have a lot of half-watched shows on my dvr right now. It is not totally unusual for me to be tired since I work such crazy hours (5am to 1:30pm), but to take a nap and go to bed early is a bit excessive. I was also hungry all the time and just generally not feeling well. I knew it in my gut that I was going to get a positive test.
The timing was great, actually, because it was Thursday night and the next day was my 4th wedding anniversary. My husband was out watching the Thursday night football game. I knew it was early (I wasn't due to start my period until Monday) but I thought if it came out negative I'd just go back to the original plan and try again on Monday. If it was positive then Great! It turned out to be positive. And not just a faint is-it-there-or-not second line, but it was an instant dark no-doubt-about-it second line. Honestly, I was surprised. I wasn't really expecting a positive, but I was elated! I was also kinda glad my husband was not at home because I don't know if I would have been able to keep it a secret from him until the next day.
Friday morning I took another test (the box came with two: one regular and one digital). I took the digital test Friday morning and of course it was still a "+Yes" and I was just as elated. I put both tests in a little envelope I made and attached a card for my husband telling him Happy Anniversary. Inside I wrote a note and said, "I can't wait to make the three of us four."
He called me at work and was so thrilled.
We are feeling so blessed right now!! But it is going to be hard to keep it a secret until after 12 weeks... That seems so far away!

Pregnancy memories

One of the things I really I'd done when I was pregnant with JJ was to keep some sort of log or journal of my pregnancy memories (especially since I suddenly can't remember anything about being pregnant the first time!) So when I found out I was preggo this time, I started to journal this pregnancy. I hadn't announced anything yet, so I saved up my posts.  As I should have expected, I completely forgot to post the saved blogs!! So I'm posting them now. I really think I'm going to enjoy having these pregnancy memories.