Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yep, it's a girl :0)

So we found out the gender of our little bundle of joy and we are having a GIRL!!!  After the hubby's oldest brother had two boys and then we had our boy, we were certain that the Weber gene was targeted for male chromosome. We were very excited to find out that a little girl would be joining us. (So excited, I don't even care about the traffic ticket I got on my way to the doctors office! :0)  )

Isn't she sweet??
Before we knew the gender, I must admit that I had mixed feelings about having a girl. Don't get me wrong; I am very happy and I can't wait to meet our little princess, but hear me out. It will be great having a little girl. All the fun toys and the cute clothes. Fun girly activities I haven't been able to do with my son. I've already begun decorating her room in my head and on Pinterest. But then she'll turn 13 and become someone else entirely. There aren't many things worse than a teenage girl. I was one once, so I kinda know. The attitude and the "I hate you"s and the "you ruined my life"s are inevitable. And I am not excited about that. I know she'll grow out of it and I'll do my best to show her love anyway and hopefully raise her as a kind, loving, confident person, but I know there are struggles ahead of me.
Also, being a teenage girl these days seems to be a tough thing to do. The pressures they face are different than what boys face. It seems like as soon as they leave the house, they are bombarded with images and words and people telling them they aren't good enough and they need to do this or that and look a certain way. As her mother, I need to undo all that negativity. I need to make sure she knows she is good enough no matter what. It's a lot work and needs to be done daily. This is something I need to prepare myself for, especially since I'm still convincing myself of those same things.
Aside from my own, I have a lot of really good parenting role models in my life that I can look to, so I'm very thankful for that. I think that is important. We shouldn't try to do this alone. It takes a village to help each other out.
The ultrasound itself was so great. We got to see so much and the doctor gave us a lot of really cool images of our daughter. We even got some video too, so that was really special because we didn't get to that with our son.
He did say that my placenta was low, though, which isn't a great thing. He said he could move on its own (and that is what we are praying for. about 90-95% move themselves), but we do need to keep an eye on it and I need to go back in at 34 weeks to check it's placement again. If it hasn't moved or moved to block the cervix, a C section may be needed. So we are definitely praying and praying hard.
But for now, let the shopping begin! :0)
A little video of our little princess

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby paranoia....

They say you are more relaxed with your second pregnancy because of the whole "been there, done that" thing. I would like to say that, for me at least, this is so far from the truth! For some reason I am quite paranoid about this pregnancy.

At least when I had the "morning" sickness, it was a sign to me that I was in fact preggo. I have been over that for quite some time now, but I'm still at the stage where the baby is too small to feel moving around. I have to say, it really freaks me out. Has anyone felt like this? I mean, I know I'm pregnant. My waist line is a dead giveaway to that! But without the consistent and definite kicks, it's hard for my head to get it.

They say that 2nd timers can feel the baby moving sooner because they know what they are feeling this time. My problem is I honestly don't remember what the initial movements felt like or when I started feeling them. Every once in a while I think I feel the baby moving around in there, but then I don't really know, do I? I start to think I'm making myself believe it. I remember when I was farther along in my pregnancy and the baby was kicking and moving like crazy and there was no doubt it was a human being inside my belly fighting my insides for space (and winning. Especially against my ribs and lungs...). 

I have an ultrasound on Tuesday. The big one. The one where they use the ultra super hi-tech machine and look at all the bones and organs and such. The one where we can find out if we are having another little boy or breaking the Weber trend and finally adding a girl to the mix. I'll just about be at the half-way point and I can't wait to see my little baby again on that monitor. In the meantime, I'll try to concentrate and focus the flutters he or she is making in this temporary little home.