Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Our 4-day weekend (that took me 4 days to write about)

Oh how I love a 4-day weekend! Despite having a full weekend, I felt like I got a little mini vacation!
I took Friday off to prepare for JJ's Superhero 4th birthday party (side note: my mind is still reeling at the fact that he's 4. He keeps telling me that he wants to be 100! Slow down, kid.) I don't know why I've never done that before. I spent the day making his cake and cupcakes, cleaning, putting the finishing touches on the gift bags, and making a couple superhero-themed foods like Kryptonite Krispies (green rice krispie treats) and Hero sandwiches (get it?).
Friday was also Valentine's Day, but we didn't really get to do that. Gary got me a box of chocolates on Wednesday because he saw them and knows me all too well. He ordered flowers and the delivery people sent him an email saying they were delivered, but I have no flowers. Either they lied or some chick out there stole my flowers. He called the next day and spoke with a terrible customer service rep and supposedly got his money back. I'm working on a strongly-worded email to the company now. (**ahem**Teleflora**ahem**).
Saturday was the big 4th birthday shin-dig. We did a Superhero theme because like most 4-year-old boys, my son loves them. We had food, balloons and I took the easy route and got a bounce house. Oh my gosh, it was the best decision ever. All I had to do was NOTHING! I set it all up online and two guys came (early!) and set it up. It took like 5 minutes. Then when the kids got there, the entertainment took care of itself. I had made capes for all the kids to wear and they got my husband and brother-in-law and his girlfriend in the jump house too. Then they made up some sort of game. I'm not sure the rules exactly, but it involved teams and the capes as a source of their powers. They all had a blast though.  Everyone left the party around 4:30/5:00 (at which point JJ sadly proclaimed that his friends didn't want to come to his party anymore and we had to explain that sometimes parties end. He may or may not get that from me a little bit). The bounce house was scheduled to be picked up at 6:00 and because 5 hours of jumping wasn't enough, he got right back in until the last minute. Another party success! P.S. JJ has been wearing his cape ever since. He was a big hit at Costco.
Sunday was a very relaxing day. My parents and sister came up to hang out for a little while since they couldn't make it to the party and JJ told them all about it. Later in the evening, Gary and I got to do our delayed Valentine's date. We did drinks and appetizers (because hungry girl over here needs to eat) and saw Robocop (I know what you're thinking: could we get any more romantic??), then we went to BJ's for dinner. At 9:30. Dinner at 9:30? What do we think we are? Young!? Then we went home and went to bed because we remembered we aren't young and could sleep in because the kids were at grandma's.
Gary wanted to take advantage of the fact that I was home with the kids on Monday and power through taxes with his mom. I picked them up and spent the day with them at home, something I always love to do and wish I could more often. We played, we folded laundry and then I got stuck on Oh, the time suck that thing is! We've so far been able to trace Gary's family back to 1674. I'm going to see my parents on Saturday and see if we can't fill in the blanks a little.
I was also very domestic and made baby food for Kathryn and roasted a chicken for dinner! I also finally updated the photos I have on the walls in our house to include Kathryn. It's been 8 months, so I suppose we are keeping her around. She deserves her place on our hallowed walls. Welcome to the family, kid; you're stuck with us now :0)
PS: Use a Bundt pan to roast your chicken. You're welcome.