Sunday, March 28, 2010

To Do Lists...

I LOVE making lists. It makes me feel so organized and helps me to remember all the things I need to do; I will honestly forget half of the stuff I want to get done if I don't write it down. I like to think it will help me get stuff done quicker, but that is hardly ever the case (I'm easily distracted and take too many "lazy days" :0) ) I've made a long list of things to do while I'm on maternity leave and I only have a month to finish it. My goal is to get it all done, but I'll be happy with 90%:

*Deep clean and re-organize the kitchen (cleaning part is done)
*Clean window ledges and windows
*Find an area rug to put in the entryway that Gary and I both like
*Re-organize craft closet
*Clean out filing cabinet
*Paint hallway and floor heaters (I'm going to see if my sister will help me with this during her spring break next week)
*Polish silver my mom gave me and re-organize the china cabinets
*Paint the family room and fireplace (not likely going to happen during maternity leave, but hopefully by the end of the year?)
*Organize the garage
*Go through all of our clothes and see what we can get rid of and re-organize our dressers and closet
*Dig up the planters in our front yard and make them look nicer because they don't look nice now

I haven't failed to notice that the majority of my things to do involve re-organizing. I tend to re-organize things every few months or so until I am happy with where things are in my house. Also, I'm very much so ready to declutter and simplify things in my life so hopefully re-organizing things can help with that.

Stay tuned for updates on my progress!!!

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