Friday, April 2, 2010

Makin' Progress!!!

So a few days ago I finished my kitchen cleaning and organizing and I am SOOO much happier where everything is now! I have a decent size kitchen, but not really a whole lot of storage space (eventually we'll remodel and I'll get more storage, but a $50,000 kitchen remodel isn't even close to being on our radar right now!) Anyway, now I feel like I am getting much better use out of the space I have.
*side note: I originally put "out of my space" in that sentence. Is it just me, or do you think of MySpace everytime you hear that phrase, even if it has nothing to do with social media? But, I digress...

Today, I finished organizing my office and craft closet which was a much bigger undertaking than I had anticipated! Just when I thought I'd finished putting away all my scrapbook paper, I'd find a whole new stack! I have so much scrapbooking stuff! Now when I look in my closet, I finally understand why Gary gives me "that look" whenever I come home from JoAnn's or Michael's! But now that I have everything organized, I know exactly what I have and I don't think I'll have to make any crafty trips anytime soon. (You're welcome, hunny!)
So if anyone needs craft supplies, come check out my closet. I have tons!
I still have quite a few things left on my to do list, but I feel so proud for getting two big things done!

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