Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wax on, wax off

A couple weeks ago the chamber of commerce held the Culver City Expo. Local businesses and such all had tables set up and you could talk to people to get more info. We went to sign JJ up for the next soccer season. 
Well, next to the soccer table was a table for a place called Marina Martial Arts. I've passed it on my way to Costco probably a thousand times, but never really gave it much thought. Gary has mentioned on and off about getting JJ into karate. I've never really had an opinion about it one way or the other. My experience with karate is Daniel-son and Mr. Myagi in the Karate Kid movies. That's it. All I know, is I do not want my little boy getting kicked in the face!
Anyway, on the table was a wheel you could spin to win classes. JJ, of course, wanted to spin the wheel. He didn't particularly care what the wheel was for, he just wanted to do it. He ended up winning 4 free classes! I took a deep breath and booked his first class. Gary was very excited. I was still on the fence.
We had his class last Friday and I have to admit, it was fantastic! The class is called Lil Dragons and it was perfect for his age. They do a bit of an obstacle course, they do exercises, and learn about fitness and nutrition. They also learn about listening and obeying and being respectful. After each lesson, they have a "homework" assignment where they have to implement the lessons they learned in class at home. He gets badges and everything. 

The instructors also happen to live down the street from my mother-in-law and it turns out that they have actually known JJ since he was a baby and would go for walks with his grandma around the neighborhood! The world is small sometimes.  The instructors also assured me that his still a ways off from sparring, so no need to worry about black eyes or broken noses yet.
I think this will be really good for him. He's a bit ADD sometimes, so think this will help him control his energy and listen. If nothing else, he looks really cute in his uniform :0)

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