Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Loving Pregnancy Hair!!!

Normally my hair is pretty thin. I've never had a problem getting it to hold a curl or most style, but it will never be called
voluminous (not like my friend Julie. She has amazing hair!). But now, between the pregnancy hormones and the prenatal vitamins, my hair is so full and, dare I say, holding VOLUME!!

I didn't want to post a picture, especially since its 9:00 at night and I know I look at least as tired as I feel. Also for some reason the photo isn't really showing just how full my hair has gotten.

I am trying to enjoy this phase as much as possible because I know after the baby is born and my hormones go back to normal, my hair will as well... But for now, I am loving it!! (Along with my pregnancy boobs, but that's a whole other thing and i definitely will NOT post a photo of those!! :0) )

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