Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just another perspective on a hot-button issue

1. I am a Christian. I stand firm in my faith and my beliefs.
2. I have no problem whatsoever with gay marriage.
3. I don't think my support of gay marriage undermines or negates my Christian beliefs. I don't think that the "Christian" argument (I put that in quotes because I'm sure that opponents of gay marriage aren't only Christian) is a strong one. I have not heard an argument yet that makes any sense to me or is logical enough to convince that gay marriage is wrong.

"Marriage is between a man and a woman." No marriage is between the two people who entered into the union and no one else. My marriage is between me and my husband. It doesn't mean any less because two men or two women get married. My gay friends' relationships have nothing to do with mine. In fact, my straight friends' relationships have nothing to do with mine either.

"Marriage is a Godly union." If this were truly your reason for not wanting gay marriage, then you would also be protesting Atheists getting married as well as agnostics or any other religion that doesn't believe what you believe. Furthermore, you would also be protesting divorce. This argument is the most hypocritical and I think the one that most discredits the opponent's position.

"Gay people cannot naturally procreate." If you really think the whole purpose of marriage is procreate and raise kids then you need to reevaluate what you think marriage is. Does this mean we shouldn't allow people to get married if they don't have any intention of having kids? What about people who had their kids and raised them and now their children are adults? Is there marriage over now that they are no longer raising kids? What about people who get married at an old age? What about people who, for one reason or another, physically cannot have children? Why aren't we protesting those unions?

I read a blog recently that said, in regards to Christians supporting gay marriage, that they are transforming Biblical teachings to accommodate the culture (in this case, gay marriage) and that by doing so they are supporting a "Choose your Adventure" type of Christianity instead of a Bible Christianity. Excuse me, what? Aren't we already practicing a "choose your adventure" Christianity by not applying the Bible to the current culture? To make it easy, go check out the list of practices punishable by death in Deuteronomy. Some we adhere to (murder. Pretty sure there will never be a culture change that will be ok with this) and others we don't (stoning sons for disobeying their parents). Who is choosing? And why can't we throw the one about men lying with other men into the same category as stoning kids for not listening to their mom and dad?

All that being said, I do stand firmly in my faith and I do try to be respectful to those with a different opinion. All I ask is for the same courtesy towards my beliefs. Thanks to the internet, I've been subjected to a number of quippy memes blasting my religion for one reason or another. I read a news article about the protests in Washington and while a group of gay marriage opponents were kneeling on the ground and praying, a "drag queen" (what the article said) dressed up like Satan and carrying a Christian cross was dancing around them. That seems very counterproductive to the stance he was supposedly representing. I have to say that stuff like that is not only offensive but it is also extremely disrespectful. If you want people to listen to you and have a rational and civil dialogue, then you have to be rational and civil as well. And respectful. It doesn't make sense to call someone hateful and ignorant for disagreeing with your position or belief system when you turn around and act the same way. Not all Christians are Westboro. In fact, most aren't. Just like not all gay people are dancing around in Satan costumes (actually most of the memes I mentioned are from straight people supporting the cause). It isn't fair to group all people into one big bunch and paint them with same brush.

It all comes down to respect and decency for a fellow human being and it goes to both sides of the issue.

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