Sunday, December 30, 2012

Embracing the Nausea

I wish I had remembered to keep track of everything when I was preggo with JJ. Its hitting me, all the things I don't really remember. Like the nausea. I remember having it. I just don't remember exactly when or the pattern or how bad it ever got. I don't think it ever was terrible. I didn't throw up too much, just some mornings.  I remember being happy when it was over.
Everything I've read says most women don't start really feeling pregnancy symptoms until around the 6th week and that sounds about right, but I gotta say I've already been feeling the nausea. It isn't terrible, but I've definitely stocked up on my supplies from my first pregnancy: Ginger Ale (.88 each when you buy 4 at Ralphs, so I scored on that one), Lemon drops (I've suggested this to other pregnant friends and it never seems to work for them, but it did for me, so there you have it), peppermint candies (my previous OB/GYN suggested this me. It helps with the excess saliva as well as works as a calming force on the stomach acid) and Tums (these were my lifesavers before. A little bit during the beginning of the pregnancy but a lot in the final months).
This time it is different, though. When I was pregnant for those few short weeks in July, I didn't feel sick at all. Not once. This time, the nausea is reminder that I am carrying a life inside me. It reminds me that I was blessed with this child. I am fully embracing the nausea this time around. It is a sign that I am pregnant and I count it a blessing.
This time is also different in that I am showing already. That was another sign before I took the test. It is true that you show earlier in your second pregnancy (since your uterus and stomach muscles are already stretched out, once the pregnancy hormones kick in, your uterus/stomach automatically start to take on their round shape. It is like blowing up a balloon that's already been blown up before) and I am no exception. I can still wear regular shirts, but I've already taken to wearing maternity pants for comfort. If this keeps up, it is going to make it pretty hard to keep this pregnancy under wraps until December. Maybe I should invest in some large briefcases to carry around with me. Or would it be too weird to carry a laundry basket to work? 

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