Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Milestone

For the last couple weeks, JJ has been trying to roll over. He would make it as far as laying on his arm and that's it. He just couldn't get past his arm! Then last Tuesday, May 25, he finally did it! He figured out that if he just moved his arm out of the way, he could finish his roll! He was just so proud of himself! Now he rolls over all the time and holds his head up high. I'm such a proud mama! Gary and I heaped praise on him and he soaked it up. He loves it when we get excited over the things he does. But, now that he's rolling over, we had to take out the pack 'n play because I was afraid he was going to roll himself right under the chair!

I cannot believe how fast my little boy is growing up! He'll be 4 months old soon and I know this rolling over is only the beginning. Part of me wants him to stay like this forever, but the other part of me cannot wait for him to start talking. I know he has lots to say (I can see it on his face now! :0) ) and I think he's just going to be so wonderful to be able to have conversations with him! Although, if he takes after his mama, once he starts, we'll have a hard time getting him to stop! :0)

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