Monday, April 26, 2010

Goodbye, To Do list!

So at the beginning of the month I created my To-Do-Before-I-go-back-to-work list. My goal was to get 90% done. Now that I only have a week left before I go back to work, I've retired my list, with only 54% of the tasks completed. I've decided I need to spend every possible minute with my little man before I have to go back to work. I have plenty of time to get everything done I want to get done eventually, but spending time with JJ is far more important right now. I'm sure I'll still get a few things done here and there while he's napping, like regular house cleaning and laundry and "fun" stuff like that, but the big projects, I'm setting aside for another day. Plus, we are getting our backyard completely re-done which is a HUGE project that trumps most of these other ones, so I figure it all evens out! :0)

I did actually get quite a bit done though:
*Deep clean and re-organize the kitchen DONE
*Clean window ledges and windows NOT DONE
*Find an area rug to put in the entryway that Gary and I both like NOT DONE
*Re-organize craft closet DONE
*Clean out filing cabinet DONE
*Paint hallway and floor heaters (I'm going to see if my sister will help me with this during her spring break next week) DONE, except for the floor heaters
*Polish silver my mom gave me and re-organize the china cabinets DONE
*Paint the family room and fireplace (not likely going to happen during maternity leave, but hopefully by the end of the year?) NOT DONE
*Organize the garage NOT DONE
*Go through all of our clothes and see what we can get rid of and re-organize our dressers and closet DONE
*Dig up the planters in our front yard and make them look nicer because they don't look nice now NOT DONE

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