Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Home to You

Three years ago today my husband and I got married. At that point, we didn't have a song that was "Our Song." So when it came to picking the music for our first dance, there wasn't an obvious choice.

Together we sat down, I opened up our iTunes and started playing some songs for him to choose from. My husband is not a country fan at all, so I didn't even play any country songs at first. I played a lot of Frank Sinatra. I played Chantal Kreviazuk. We listened to a lot of music. He wasn't feeling any of it. So then I pulled out my favorite: The Country music. Those cowboys really know how to tell a story to music and express real feelings like love. I could go on and on about love for this genre, but that's a whole 'nuther blog post.

Anyway, I played John Michael Montgomery "Home to You" and Gary looked at me and said "That's it. That's the one." I was shocked--very happy--but shocked that he agreed to a song that could be played on "twin fiddles and a steel guitar" (as George Strait would say). It isn't even a new song. It came in 1999 almost 10 years before we got married. (In all fairness, it was probably new to the hubby!)

The lyrics, though, were perfect, and still are (probably even more so). "I get up and battle the day / Things don't always go my way / It might rain but that's okay / I get to come home to you / Sometimes life may get me down / And I get tired of getting kicked around / I feel lost in this maddening crowd / But I get to come home to you." No matter what happens during the day, we come home to each other at night. No matter what storms come our way, we face them together, and that's what marriage is all about.

The company I work for puts out press releases for other companies. Recently was monitoring a release for a company called The company described itself as "the world's premiere extramarital dating website" and "an adult playground where people can openly enter new relationships without sacrificing their current partners." I was dismayed by this. What the...? was all I could think of. I told Gary about it when I got home and we went on the website. They claim to have more than 1 million members. Then we went to another site called Ashley (or something like that) and they are also proudly advertising themselves as a place for married men and women to go and find people to cheat with. They even use the phrase "openly cheat." They claim a few million members on their site.

This made me sad. Why get married if you want to date other people? My mind doesn't understand this concept at all. Companies like this cheapen the idea of marriage, shrinking it down to nothing but a business arrangement between two people.

More so, it made me so extremely thankful that I have the husband I have, that I met an amazing man who loves me the way a man should love his wife. I found a true partner in this life and I feel God has really blessed me with someone I love coming home to everyday.

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