Thursday, January 1, 2015


So I try not to make resolutions because I know I'm not very good at keeping them. Who is, really? I think everyday we should aim to be a bit better than we were the day before.
That being said, this year I really hope to be able to stay on top of things. My goal this year is to get myself organized and just stay on top of it. So much of my daily "complaints" seem to stem from the fact that I put too much off.
I have a lot of laundry to do? If I hadn't waited so long, I wouldn't have so much
I have a few extra pounds to lose? If I hadn't waited so long to start working out, this wouldn't be a problem
House feeling too cluttered? Stop procrastinating and start getting rid of stuff I don't need
My goal this year is to just do it. Stop saying "I'll just take care of it later." If I wash the dish now, that's one less I'll have to wash later.
On paper, this seems like it should be an easy goal, but with my super early working hours and two kids, it is easy for me to pull the "I'm tired" card. Here's hoping I can push through.
Here's to 2015!!

Happy New Year!

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