Monday, October 4, 2010

Growing too fast...

My friend Jen once said to just "wait until he's 6 months. It is such a fun age!" And she couldn't have been more right! We are having the time of our lives right now and I can't believe how much he's developing.

Suddenly JJ has gone from being a baby to a kid! :0) He is so happy, just laughing all the time (and it is such a great sound). He's crawling everywhere and fast! He's trying to stand, he sits on his knees, he plays with his toys with so much interest and not just because they are there. When I leave the room, he follows me and when I come into a room he crawls to me. He's getting his first tooth. He babbles up a storm! He seems so aware of everything. And its all happening at once.

He looks at Gary and I with such joy. Gary likes to say he has true pure joy. No adult can have that sort of happiness.

I have so much fun just watching him learn and explore and experience the world around him. I know these times will fly by so I am enjoying them the best I can!